Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is traditionally made from cider. To this alcoholic beverage, acetic acid bacteria are added, which ferment it alcohol into acetic acid. At the same time, the vitamins and minerals that are found in apples are preserved to a much lesser extent. And it is precisely this acetic acid, which gives the cider vinegar such varied effects.


Apple Cider Vinegar Origin

Evidence for apple trees growing along the banks of the Nile dates back to around 1300 BC, but there is no evidence that the ancient Egyptians used them for cider. Considering that the Egyptians enjoyed beer.


What is clear with Cider is that the beverage spreads quickly as soon as it is switched on. At the time, the first Romans sailed 55 BC. To the British Isles at 4 pm, the locals drank an apple cider drink that their new visitors quickly fell in love with.


Soon cider spread throughout the Roman Empire and Europe and became popular among the Normans and Teutons, whose conquest of old England in the ninth century introduced the apple trees and the word cider to the English language out there.


Europe and the Mediterranean are not the only places that love cider in the long term: the first settlers also brought it to America. While at that time beer was more popular in the pond, the first Europeans settling in the colonies had difficulty growing crops and the barley needed to be prepared. However, apples grew easily in New England, making cider the ideal alternative, according to Mental Floss.


Health Benefits Of Cider Vinegar For You

#1. Improved Digestion

Drinking water-diluted apple cider vinegar can help improve digestion in a natural way, about 15 minutes before a meal, drink a large glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which stimulates the digestive juices and aids in the decomposition of your food.

It is important to use raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with vinegar nut for optimal health benefits.

If you drink apple cider vinegar regularly, at best before each main meal, your digestion will improve, and you will naturally consume more of your food. This can also reduce your feeling of hunger and thus help you lose weight, more on that later.


#2. Heartburn, Intestinal Problems, And Constipation

It’s believed that normal water-diluted apple cider vinegar helps regulate a low level of acidity, which causes heartburn. It’s important to note that pure vinegar might way too strong when suffering from heartburn, and especially those who have stomach ulcers should make sure they sufficiently dilute the vinegar.


Apple pectin, which is found in the Apple cider vinegar raw, not-filtered vinegar, soothes the whole gastrointestinal tract as well as helps prevent stomach pains and even flatulence.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a mild laxative that stimulates peristalsis with occasional constipation. It should not have this effect if your bowel movement is already normal.


#3. Prevents Candida And Normalizes Intestinal Bacteria

Apple cider vinegar contains many beneficial acids that are thought to help improve the development of the intestinal flora.

This includes malic acid as well as acetic acid that have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal effects and can help to control the expansion of the Candida fungus in the intestinal flora, a common problem that many people have due to sugary dietary habits.


#4. Strengthen The Immune System

Your intestinal flora is an important part of the immune system of your body. So, using apple cider vinegar to improve the conditions for the growth of gut-friendly bacteria can strengthen your entire defense system.

Apple cider vinegar is also highly antiviral, which is perhaps one of the reasons many people often say they experience fewer common colds when taking diluted apple cider vinegar every day.

Furthermore, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is considered to be valuable for the lymphatic system as it helps to cleanse the lymph nodes and loosen mucus in the body. Over time, this can reduce sinus obstruction, reduce colds, and relieve allergies.


#5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels And Helps Relieve Diabetes

Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of acetic acids, which seems to slow down the digestion of simple carbohydrates, which normalizes the blood sugar levels of short high and long low phases that can occur in a high carbohydrate diet.

The anti glycaemic effect of cider has actually been demonstrated in several studies, which concludes: Vinegar can significantly improve postprandial insulin and susceptibility to insulin-resistant people, so vinegar may have the same physiological effects as Acarbose or metformin (diabetes medicines), Further tests that check the efficacy of vinegar as an antidiabetic therapy are guaranteed.


#6. Hypertension

Some studies have shown that this vinegar may be able to lower high blood pressure and there are many reports in online forums that refer to the use of this benefit.


It is possible that apple cider increases nitric oxide production and helps the blood vessels to relax. Or maybe just in general, it has a positive effect on our cardiovascular system, which naturally goes hand in hand with a drop in high blood pressure over time.


#7. Detoxification

Apple cider is indeed a popular remedy for detoxification and with good reason. In addition to all the above-mentioned body cleansing benefits of apple cider vinegar, drinking raw, unfiltered vinegar has a detoxifying and cleansing effect on the liver.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in a cup of clean water before each meal is recommended as an ideal amount for daily detoxification. Some detoxification methods call for higher doses, so it’s better to build them up over time.


#8. Weight Loss Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Studies have shown that the acetic acid of apple cider vinegar suppresses the accumulation of body and liver fats. The included pectin content should also reduce the ability of the body to absorb fat easily.

Consuming an apple cider just before eating will not only boost your digestion, it will also reduce your feeling of hunger, and that can only help you lose weight.



You can start taking this vinegar with a dose of one tablespoon in a glass of water, which you can then increase slowly over several weeks to 2 or 3 tablespoons per gall when you realize that it will do you good.

And yes, it tastes a bit sour, but that’s good! It’s important to train your taste buds so that they never always expect sweets.

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